Winter & Christmas Time in France and in Paris are an amazing, memorable and magical period!
October 12, 2013


Building on its geographical location, its past as a land of immigration and city of refuge, and its experience of sharing and integration, Marseille has focused its project on the dialogue between Europe and the Mediterranean ...


Offers and Events

4-nights. This program is tailored to the needs of travelers who wish to discover Paris at Christmas time. You will have the opportunity to walk through the best Christmas markets of the city and to prepare a Christmas meal just like the French would.
In Provence, the religious tradition of Christmas time says that it should last 40 days, and finish at Candle Mass. This very old Provençal culture assembles the families around the nativity scene on December 24, and it is the done thing to attend the midnight mass after the "big supper", which concludes invariably with the thirteen desserts.
Enjoy a Christmas trip to the Périgord region, the best time to discover the black diamond of Périgord cookery!
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