Susie Mahr / The Travel Society / Virtuoso / June, 2010

Dear Lydie, Just had to let you know how HAPPY Travis is with his apartment!! Enjoy his email: “Susie- I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that the apartment c'est magnifique! The location could not possibly be improved on--there is a bakery two floors below me, so I get to wake up to the smell of fresh bread, there is a flower market across the street, a gelato shop two doors down, and one of the best little cafes in the city two doors in the other direction. Supermarket is half a block away, five minute walk to the Pont Neuf. What more could one ask for? I love it here, as you knew I would. Thank you so very much for the hours of hard work (and I'm sure there were many) that it took to find this perfect spot. Thank you thank you. Cheers, Travis”
Thanks so much my friend!

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