Labouiche Underground River
On May 26, 2016

In the heart of the Pyrenees, in the Ariège 6 km from Foix, discover a listed site, the Labouiche underground river. This is the longest navigable underground river in Europe open to the public.You will travel 1,500 metres on a guided tour 60 metres underground in a boat that can sail in either direction.

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The first serious explorations started in August 1908. Mr. Dunac, a doctor living in Foix, accompanied by his two sons and by two young army officers, Leguiller and Rochette, venture in the Ayguo Perdent, follow the Fajal river till the confluence and discover the Underground River of Labouïche. Then in early November 1908, Edouard Alfred Martel (1859-1938), famous French speleologist, enters for the first time in Labouïche, especially exploring the upper part of the river.
At the end of that year, Dr Dunac and his two sons, Cassagne, de Ferlus, Lieutenant Rochette and Thibault go on 350 meters more, until the passage Dunac.