La Cité de la Mer opens a new museum area spanning over 2,000 m² in Spring


With more than 2 million visitors over 10 years, La Cité de la Mer, located in the Transatlantic Passenger Terminal in Cherbourg, is entering into a new phase of its development. After Man’s adventure under the sea (17 aquariums including the deepest in Europe), the submarine Le Redoutable and the Gallery of Men and Machines, this new chapter will remind us of Cherbourg’s past as an important transatlantic port and bring back memories of the legendary liner the Titanic, 100 years on.
On April 10th 1912, Cherbourg hosted the Titanic’s first stopover. In 2012, in association with the other towns linked to the liner, we will celebrate the Titanic’s centenary. A huge programme of events is planned for Cherbourg: exhibitions, concerts, theatre performances, commentated visits on land and at sea and much more. The town with its famous port and indeed the whole area of La Manche are getting ready to celebrate the memory of the transatlantic era and emigration at the time. You will be able to discover an exceptional programme of events throughout the year.

With transatlantic activity in full swing up until 1933, the theme of European emigration towards the New World is at the heart of the project for a new exhibition which will be set up in the rooms of the old Passenger Terminal, one of the last remaining European patrimonial witnesses to this great era. A new museum area spanning over 2,000 m² will be opened to the public as from Spring 2012.
In the space of a century (1869-1969), around 4 million travellers came through Cherbourg, some leaving Europe for the Americas, others crossing the Atlantic to arrive in Europe, though a large part of these passengers were emigrants.
The first part of the exhibition is dedicated to this period and will be housed in the impressive former Baggage Hall. Thanks to interactive videos, visitors will be able to share the emotion of emigrants, going back in time to feel the atmosphere of the era and meeting the passengers embarking on liners in Cherbourg.
The second part of the exhibition located downstairs from the Baggage Hall is dedicated to the Titanic. Visitors will relive the liner’s construction as well as the atmosphere of working and living on board, from the passengers’ perspective but also life on board for the crew.
Three scenarios are offered: the 4 days of this unique crossing, the collision with the iceberg and the ship’s sinking. The public will walk alongside a recreated part of the ship’s hull then will embark on board thanks to multimedia scenographic slides: through the corridors of 1st class, 2nd class and 3rd class then up to the bridge; they will then visit an area dedicated to the enquiry that took place after the catastrophe…. strong emotions are guaranteed!

Tue, 2012-02-14
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