The Great Roman Games in Nimes
From April 29, 2021 to May 3, 2021

500 reenactors from France, Italy, Croatia and Germany will gather in the exceptional setting of the Arena of Nîmes to take part in the Great Roman Games, a unique event that has established itself as the largest historical reenactment on antiquity in Europe.

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From April 29th to 3rd may 2021

For a weekend May, Roman legionaries, an imperial court, riders and battle chariots take over the city of Nîmes to take part in one of the biggest re-enactments of ancient history in Europe.

Over 500 actors and extras from all over France, Italy and Germany participate in the event. A grandiose spectacle lasting an hour-and-a-half takes place in the arena on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Each year, the Great Roman Games has a different theme and depicts a highlight of ancient history. Several scenes unfold with equestrian vaulting demonstrations, gladiatorial combat and chariot racing.

This 10th edition honours the Barbarian Kings and the invasion of the Stamps, Teutons and Ambrons that the Romans had to face between 113 and 101 B.C.