Google Art Project - New audio guides


Google Art Project - New audio guide
On the 3rd of April 2012 was launched from the Orsay Museum, the new version of the Google Art Project.

This platform allows you to watch high definition reproductions of approximately 30,000 works from the collections of 151 museums around the world which are associated with various content (reviews, videos ...). There are also virtual tours and the opportunity to explore some very high resolution masterpieces among the most famous. Thanks to Google Art Project you can now roam freely in many rooms of the Musée d'Orsay and in the rooms of Monet's Water lilies at the Orangerie, immerse yourself in Le Bal du Moulin de la Galette of Renoir's Portrait of Paul Guillaume by Modigliani, find more than 270 works, preserved in our two institutions, reproduced in high resolution and their associated content.

Tue, 2012-05-22
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