Glider Flight
On July 6, 2017
The glider flight, also known as gliding, promises strong sensations in complete silence. And yes, that's the advantage of the glider: it's a small kind of  plane, that has no engine and therefore makes no noise. 
Putting it like that, you might be worried, but stay with me!
You will be able to hover in the air, in complete calm, with a professional ... 
All of that, just above Brittany. Sounds pretty good doesn't it ?


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Let's go over the different stages of this adventure to try at least once in your life!
Immediate take-off
And yes, you must launch your glider if you want to take off without a motor! It is therefore thanks to this famous winch (more economical and silent than to launch by a tractor airplane) that you will take off, 
going  from 0 to 100km / h in ... 2 seconds. You will be well attached to the bottom of your seat of course!
When you settle in the cockpit with your pilot, your adrenaline and excitement levels will go through the roof ... Your heart is pounding, right? Beware!
The glider is propelled to 300 meters of height and then goes up in altitude thanks to the wind. It's magical ... 
Finally, it's particularly technical so the pilot will take care of everything and your only duty will be to enjoy the breathtaking view ... And quiet.
From 13 to 77 years old!
The sensations sure are intense, but this sport of "aerobatics" is not only meant for adults! From 13 years old, a child can experience his first flight, and there is no one too old to fly ...