The French Open 2022
From May 22, 2022 to June 5, 2022

Enjoy a privileged atmosphere and applaud the champions during the only Grand Slam still held on clay.
Make your stay in Paris an convivial, special and unforgettable experience.

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From 22th May to 5th June 2022

The French Open is one of the biggest sports events in France and the major tennis tournament.

 Named after the French aviator Roland Garros, it is the premier clay court tennis championship event in the world and the second of four annual Grand Slam tournaments, the other three being the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. Roland Garros is currently the only major open (sport) held on clay, and it is the zenith of the spring clay court season. Because of the seven rounds needed for a championship, the slow-playing surface and the best-of-five-set men's singles matches (without a tiebreak in the final set), the event is widely considered to be the most physically demanding tennis tournament in the world.