Château Pape Clement
On August 11, 2015

Just outside Bordeaux, this peaceful sanctuary has 32 hectares of vines radiating out around the neo-gothic architecture. In its gardens, thousand year-old olive trees and the stately cedar of Lebanon silently watch over the château. Near the glasshouse built by Gustave Eiffel, a few steps further up, the Château Pape Clément finally reveals its period charm.

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The reception rooms are resplendently elegant, with waxed woodwork, a harp and harpsichord, portrait galleries and private collections. Drawn by the amber fragrance of the scented candles, guests follow the steward up the solid wooden staircase and choose their suite on the first floor, where the journey begins.

The guest rooms at the Château Pape Clément are bold, refined, vivid and inspired, and have a distinctive unusual and confident style. With their own charming personality, they each bear a name full of meaning and character.

The elegant “L’Égrégore”, the distinguished “La Tempérance”, the adventurous “Mon Seul Rêve”, the welcoming “La Sérénité” and the magical “Le Clos des Songes” are all names originally from the vineyards of Bernard Magrez.