Château d'Esclimont****

A magnificent Renaissance château and former home of the La Rochefoucauld family, Château d’Esclimont, just an hour from Paris, is a romantic retreat surrounded by a moat in 150 acres of park. Architecturally stunning, this unique hotel promises seclusion in a beautiful setting with refined cuisine.

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Château d'Esclimont was built for the Archbishop of Tours in 1543 and, since then, has been the home of aristocrats, statesmen and politicians principally because of its proximity to Versailles and Paris. Today, it stands supreme within a 150-acre wooded park surrounded by its moats and pond, the epitome of the perfect French château.

The interiors are superb examples of renaissance elegance where the old and the new coexist very comfortably. If you are visiting Paris, allow yourself time off to experience the serenity and grand indulgence of Esclimont - about an hour's drive south. The estate provides an array of sporting facilities including one of the most romantic settings for a swimming pool imaginable.

From the towers, belfries and delightful grounds to the pretty bedrooms with fresh flowers, balconies with filigree railin gs and the calming moat below - everything in this hotel has a sense of true romance, and all with typical French flourish.

Traditional haute cuisine and a choice of over 400 wines from the cellar served in the magnificent dining room will transport you to new heights of pleasure. The memory will endure !