Château de Puicheric

A castle lost in the centuries, a garden hanging above the houses and the plain of the Aude.
The castle of Puichéric will make you travel out of time.
You can enjoy its romanticism, stroll or cycle along the Canal du Midi, canoe on the Aude.

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The Château de Puichéric, a feudal castle, whose tower and oldest walls date back to the 12th century, is, with the church, located in the centre of the village on a rocky peak. It has a square interior courtyard and a valuable renaissance mullioned window. It currently houses five guest rooms, including a suite. With its hanging garden, the castle is always a beautiful surprise for visitors. The last major works, which date back to 1927, were carried out by Auguste Reverdy. His son, Henri Reverdy, had little interest in the restoration of the castle and after his death in 1991, the castle fell asleep.