Château de Mazan
On July 18, 2016

With incomparable scents of Provence vegetation and landscaped gardens, Chateau de Mazan’s park is an ideal place to doze in the shade of mulberry or centenary olive trees. The swimming pool, with its natural colors, offers fresh and well-being.

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Château de Mazan is focused on welcoming, and still more so! In this family business you will feel like the distinguished guests of a kind hearted and generous friend. The aim of your stay at Château de Mazan is that you can relax, feel at home and escape or live the life of lord of the manor.

Le Chateau was built in 1720, during France’s early Regency Period. The most notorious individual within these four walls was, of course, the Marquis de Sade. It was here, in 1772, that the Marquis organized the very first Theatre Festival in France. The plays in which he personally performed were shown in both Mazan and Lacoste castles. During the revolution, Sade was declared persona non grata in Mazan, the family archives were destroyed and the Château was damaged.

After the Revolution, the Chateau remained Sade’s family property until 1850. It has then been a Residence and later the Chateau played host to a religious school. In 1923, It became Mazan’s old people’s house which finally closed in 1999. In early 2001, the Château was bought by Madame Lhermie, who after a year and half of renovation work, turned it into a real “Hôtel de Charme”.