Château de Cassis
On December 19, 2018

Clinging to the sides of Cap Canaille, diving steeply into the azure blue of the bay of Cassis, Le Château de Cassis is a magical place steeped in history.

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A former 8th century fortified castle and the main commercial centre during the Gallo-Roman periods, Château de Cassis has now become a prestigious tourist site.

Château de Cassis is a medieval building whose old stones dominate the city. Overlooking majestically the bay and the sea, the site is aerial. Guests evolve between century-old walls and breathtaking escapes on the Mediterranean sea. A cascade of terraces and greenery enclosures, a swimming area around a large stone pool.... The place is an islet preserved from time.

Experience a magical moment in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, in this sumptuous historical monument.