Café Cour
On June 29, 2015

Living in the neighborhood, in love with Paris or tourist of a day you will always stop at the Marais district.

Did you ever stop in front of a parisian bulding with gigantic doors and you wanted to come in ?
This is your chance, enter the doors of the 55-57 rue des Francs bourgeois.

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During a summer and for the first time , the Café Cour open the doors of the Cour Renaudot.

Protected of the city noises, you will discover a place full of history : a historic place with remains of the former paris city walls added a view of the

Philippe-Auguste tower.

To take a sunbath in the afternoon, drink a coffee or grab something to eat, you will be in a friendly and peaceful place.
seated at a table or lying on deckchair feet in the sand or in the shade of a vineyard to sip a cocktail, come to enjoy the peace and the soul so particular of this protected place!

Fresh recipes made mainly with bio products, and for the drinks they propose certfied wines and nice coktails.


open 7j/7, from June 1st to September 27th 2015