Airport Meet & Greet - VIP Services


We offer escorted service at arrivals and departures! The « know-how » and « savoir –faire » in excellence to offer your VIP Services at Paris Airport to your valued customer!
This 5 star treatment will include a personalized handling of your V.I.P. clients, either upon departure, arrival or in transit.

The Escorted service Arrival & Departure:
Thanks to our TVM set, our team will already be privy to all information concerning the flights arrivals, the aircraft parking stands and gates as well as all connecting flights details. These information will enable them to facilitate the arrival, the immigration processes and the baggage delivery details and concerning the departure or arrival flights, the aircraft parking stands and gates.
The staff is equipped with Theoo portable phones and can be reached anywhere in the airport- they can also place useful calls, for example to the chauffeurs, to the hotels… etc.
The « know-how » and « savoir –faire » in excellence:
Our capacity to meet, greet and assist your customers in their mother tongue.
Multi-ethnical staff members are able to deliver a high quality V.I.P. service specifically tailored to your requirements and to your valued customers’ cultural origins.
A dedicated team carefully selected for their perfect experience of the airport environment as well as their ultimate knowledge of the demands and expectations of a V.I.P. passenger.
Apart from French and English and the most common European languages, our hostesses and hosts currently under contract are able to speak Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay, Vietnamese, Hindi, Tamil and Russian.
Our hostesses or hosts will wait for your customers at the end of the arrival jet-bridge or when they leave the airside bus (when the aircraft is parked at a remote stand).
The assets:
- TVM set
- Dispatchers (7/7 – 6.00 AM – 11.00 PM)
- Conveniently located offices in terminal 2F, equipped with the latest technologies
- A perfect knowledge of the airport premises
- A flawless experience of the airport services thanks to our close collaboration and contracts with Aéroports de Paris & Air France, the two major actors of CDG and ORLY platforms.

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